Σάββατο, 26 Δεκεμβρίου 2009


50. Steve Gunn – “Boerum Palace”

A study on finger picking. 7 tracks that expand to every corner from psychedelic to pop structure. Wonderful.

49. Insayngel – “Insayngel””

Full garage avant rock overload. Murky sound Psychic Vocals. Instant seismic mindfuck!

48. Ducktails - "Landscapes"”

Guitar-pop delusions. Frugal riffs and foggy atmosphere. Makes you want to hear it on repeat.

47. AFCGT – “Square Microphone Tapes”

Hallucinatory distorted guitars. Bad recordings and steaming noise with a bit of exotica bubbling under.

46. Virginia Genta & Chris Corsano – ‘Live in Lisbon”

Anything can happen in a Lisbon bar. From a glass of nice port to a breath-taking noisy free-jazz improvisation.

45. Group Bombino – “Guitars From Agadez, Vol. 2”

Touareg rock from North Nigeria. Something like garage, blues and kraut but African. Interesting, eh?

44. Hush Arbors – “Yankee reality”

This sweetheart plaid with all the alt country clichés with gusto. Wish Yo La Tengo could pull this off…

43. Silver Bullets – “Free Radical”

A cassette only release with mouth-dropping psych-rock. Kinetic, energetic, violent. Brilliant!

42. John Butcher – “Resonant spaces”

Fantastic improvisations recorded in even more fantastic sights. Loved the sounds, the atmosphere, wish I was there…

41. Evangelista – “Prince of truth”

With the weight of “The Prince Of Truth”on their shoulders they managed considerably well. Half noisy rock, half Constellation ballads but Carla Buzolich is THE PERFOMER.

40.Wooden Veil – “Wooden Veil”

Mystic and shamanic abstract avant- folk with fragile vocals and subtle melodies…

39.Yellow Swans – “Mort aux vaches”

Last document of the most ecstatic avant noise duo of the USA. R.I.P.

38.Tom Waits – “Glitter and doom”

Laughs & Tears. Total Respect.

37.DOOM – “Born Like This”

Straight beats, slapstick humor, Raekwon, J Dilla and Charles Bukowski. What else do you want?

36.Flower Corsano Duo – “The Four Aims” ((part_1)) ((part_2))

New age fire music blasting with brute unstoppable force.

35. Mrtyu! – “Ornate Shroud”

Ritualistic, doom, metal, aggressive, dark and misanthropic music from New Zealand’s Antony Milton.

34. Ilyas Ahmed – “Goner”

Electric and acoustic guitars with percussion in tracks that seems always unfinished. Subterranean atmosphere and lo-fi production. Recommended for insomnia.

33. Maja SK Ratkje – “Cyborgic”

On the spot noise/vocal improvisations by this Nordic sea medusa.

32. Skullflower – “Malediction”

Matthew Bower teaches the young generation all about total metal meltdown. A cross between Fushitsusha and black metal I found most addictive.

31. Neokarma Jooklo Trio – “Time's Vibes”

Endless psychedelic improvisation that will melt your brains.

30. Master Musicians Of Bukkake – “Totem One”

Epic and ceremonial, almost metal, almost folk. The perfect soundtrack for pagan human sacrifices.

29. DJ Rupture / Andy Moor – “patches”

A powerful and surprising live recording. Eccentric samples and spontaneous electric guitar.

28. Various Production (feat. Gerry Mitchell) – “The Invisible Lodger”

In case of urban claustrophobic feelings put this on. Proves it could be worse.

27. Harappian Night Recordings – “The Glorious Gongs Of Hainuwele”

Polyethnic sound patchwork. A strange and distant music hybrid.

26. Almovacy – “Ho ho kus”

Arty-farty avant rock album of the year. That’s a compliment.

25. Oneohtrix Point Never – “zones without people”

Synths from the past for the music of the future.

24. David Sylvian – “Manafon”

All the world was expecting THE great improv-songwriting genre-defining album. It never came, but it had its moments of glory.

23. Spunk – “Kantarell”

All-female instant composition burst out and the boyz are sooo jealous.

22. Natural snow buildings – “Shadow Kingdom”

Out of space soundscapes and folk warmness for almost three hours.

21. Dinosaur JR – “Farm”

All the energy and pathos missing from “The Eternal” I found it here. Great songwriting also!

20. Pajo – “Scream with Me”

Pajo covers Misfits. Simple and emotional with his guitar and his voice. No one screaming here.

19. Richard Youngs – “Under Stellar Stream”

Hymns and chants for fatherhood and urban life. Minimal, haunted beauty.

18. Sir Richard Bishop – “The Freak Of Araby”

Dry and transparent elegies for Arabic music. The westernation of eastern or, maybe, the opposite.

17. Dirty Projectors - “Bitte orca”

Pop album of the year for my burnt-out musical mind. Those harmonies….

16. Hammers Of Misfortune – “Church of broken glass / fields”

I was raised on this music. I can’t escape myself when that glorious prog metal is played so convincingly and at the same time nods at the future of this music.

15. Mos Def – “The Ecstatic”

From soul to funk and afro-beat to Middle East. Everything is in this music “supermagic” carpet.

14. The Sa - Ra Creative Partners – “nuclear revolution the age of love”

Great soundtrack music for all places where the summer is hot and the sea inviting.

13. Headdress – “Lunes”

Lazy guitar tunes, thick electrical atmosphere, noisy blues or drone country. Simply excellent.

12. Trembling Bells – “Carbeth”

At last! Some avant-folk supergroup with awesome tunes.

11. Astral Social Club – “Sieben Stax”

Neil Campbell is the modern day Krautrock/Techno Uber-Gott. Period.

10. Real Estate – “Real Estate”

It’s like a teenage surf-rock band tries to play pavement and yo la tengo.

09. Jack Rose & The Black Twig Pickers – “Jack Rose & The Black Twig Pickers”

Full band Appalachian folk, bluegrass, country, ragtime. Feels like they are playing across the room.

08. Bill Orcutt – “A New Way to Pay Old Debts”

Harry pussy’s guitarist sounds like devil having a freaky mind tripping.

07. Polweshel & John Tilbury – “Field”

Takes time to fully digest this improv masterpiece. It’s totally worth it.

06. Pan Sonic and Haino Keiji – “Shall I Download A Blackhole and Offer it to You”

Japanese heavy guitar legend team up with Finnish aggressive duo. The result is pure brainstorming anxious fear.

05. Billy Bao – “May 08”

Ethno-noise deconstruction, afro-punk interaction. My neck’s still aching form the headbanging.

04. Bill Callahan – “Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle”

The last Knight of the old guards on his most eerie. Hair-raising.

03.The Threshold Houseboys Choir – “Amulet Edition” ((part_1)) ((part_2))

A pan-cultural dark trip. For headphones strictly.

02. Alasdair Roberts – “Spoils”

An acquired taste this Scotsman might be, but Soundeyet was more than obliged for all the great moments of oldy-folk in this masterpiece.

01. Richard Youngs – “Beyond The Valley Of Ultrahits”

Summer-pop Synesthesia with poetical lyrics. It’s not a midday bittersweet “one of a kind” shinny diamond. It’s miles beyond that.