Πέμπτη 12 Ιουλίου 2012


    Rebetika, a truly underground music created at the beginning of the 20th century, was, in its preamble form, the music vehicle to express a culture bumbling under a constantly changing society – a culture based on drugs, haunted by poverty. Unfortunately, in its birth land Greece, Rebetika was transformed through the decades, became soft and gradually deteriorated to a stupid folklore music consumed by the neogreek unmusical masses and tourists alike. For us, early 20s – late 30s Rebetika represents the rawest, purest and yet finest form of Greek folk music ever recorded. We regard this music as lyrically powerful, sentimentally resourceful and musically chaste as the blues.
    Driven by our homage to it, this compilation tries to throw bridges between the dusty old roads of Rebetika and the shiny new twisty alleys, paved by the free form music pioneers of nowadays. As fanatic spectators we frequently hear the past couple of years, musicians from the scene declaring their love and respect for Rebetika and at the same time more and more compilations with original tracks from 78rpm recordings comes to surface. The interest is growing. So we thought this is the right moment to invite musicians to delve into the roads of Rebetika and come up with a fresh, if not radical, reinterpretation of their own.
    We sent three originals to each one and to our surprise, most people reacted positively and either picked one of the three songs to cover or preferred another one they believed more fitting. And even more surprisingly, the actual cover songs the musicians sent us back are of the best quality and wide variety we could hope for. From passionate heartfelt true-to-the-form takes, to completely improvised or fusion attempts to noise rock deconstructions, every contribution sounds vital and captivating. Our humble hope that you will download and enjoy this compilation as much as we did and our wildest dream is that this could set fire to new generations of fearless Rebetika explorers both in our land and abroad.

T R A C K L I S T :

01. Daniel Padden - "Adinatisa O Kaymenos"
02. Nettle - "Black Eyes"
03. Costa and Nero - "Rast'e Tou Teke"
04. D Charles Speer - "Aman Yiala Yiala"
05. Andy Moor / Yannis Kyriakides - "Touto To Kalokeraki (This Summer)"
06. Steve Gunn - "Trouba"
07. Ignatz - "Stin Ypoga"
08. Sam Shalabi - "Rebetikaud"
09. CWK Joynes & Son Ensemble feat. William Sathya - "23 Minore Mane"
10. Amen Dunes - "Sousta Politiki"
11. Free Piece of Tape - "Burning School"
12. Astral Social Club - "Efoumernam Ena Vradi"
13. Plankton Wat - "Hash Smugglers Blues"
14. Mike Cooper & Viv Corringham - "New Rembetika/14"
15. Caligine - "Με Πιάνουνε Ζαλάδες"

The compilation is free and you can hear it here:
Or you can download it from:

On Track 1 Alex South plays clarinet & bass clarinet. Mastering by Emma Peel. Cover by McPan.

Tracks 1,6,7,8,15 originally by A.Kostis
tracks 5,11 by Kostis Bezos
track 2 by Rosa Eskenazy
track 3 by Jack Gregory
track 4 is traditional
track 9 by Stratos Pajioumdzis
track 10 by Antonis Dalgas
track 12 by Markos Vamvakaris
track 14 by Sotiria Bellou.

11 σχόλια:

  1. Εξαιρετική σκέψη, πρωτοβουλία και αποτέλεσμα, εύγε! Αμήν και σε βινύλιο! ip

  2. this is incredible. thank you!!
    love the nettle track.
    the lyrics make it sound like a direct translation of a greek song, but i can't trace it to anything...

    the closest match i could find was this -

    the lyrics however are very different. there is no other Roza Eskenazi black eye songs i can find...

  3. thanks for your kind words. About the Nettle cover, yes the lyrics are direct translation and the original song is called "mes'sto bathy skotadi" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nkzhcdPRAI).

  4. Πολύ καλή συλλογή, τραγικό artwork.

  5. Efcharisto yia afta ta kommatia inspired upon ta palia rembetika tragoudia. Simera akousa ollo to album sto podilato kato stin hollandia.

    Stin 1987 kaname kati poe moe thimisies edo stis kato chores me synergasia apo tin ellada me Dimosioypalliliko Retire apo tin Thesaloniki. To album was named De Fabriek - Fabretsinika. It was available for download at no longer forgotten music, though the link is now broken. If interested contact the side owner. Or I can provide you too with an upload.

  6. Εύγε πολύ δυνατή δουλειά. Εξέλιξη κ πηγή για νέες ιδέες! μια παρατήρηση, ο Α. Κωστής και ο Κωστής μπέζος είναι το ίδιο άτομο, ιδιαίτερα ταλαντούχος ρεμπέτης που αντι για μπουζούκι χρησιμοποιούσε κιθάρα (κ λίγο wiki)

  7. Ευχαριστούμε. Ναι, είναι το ίδιο άτομο και αν θυμάμαι σωστά, η διαφορά είναι ότι υπέγραφε με διαφορετικό όνομα όταν το κομμάτι που ηχογραφούσε ήταν άλλου και διαφορετικό όταν ήταν δικό του.